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UPDATE 12 April 2018


Tēnā koutou ngā uri o Ngāti Turangitukua


The health grants for this financial year have been fully allocated.  Keep an eye out for our next updates reopening the health grants following the AGM at the end of the year.


The update below stands as we work through the approved health grants.  Any queries regarding your beneficiary status please communiate to the Ngāti Turangitukua Whakapapa Committe directly.


Ngā mihi,


Ngāti Turangitukua Charitable Trust



UPDATE 8 March 2018


Tēnā koutou ngā uri o Ngāti Turangitukua


We have received many enquiries from beneficiaries recently about the progress on their health grant applications.  


The Trustees have approved all health grants received, however, the Ngāti Turangitukua Whakapapa Committee must verify the whakapapa of every applicant and this unfortunately takes time to process.  


We ask that all health grant applicants please be patient and know that the Trust is working intensely alongside the Ngāti Turangitukua Whakapapa Committe to work their way through the very long list of applicants to confirm their eligibility.


Basically, if you have registered with the Trust or direct with the Ngāti Turangitukua Whakapapa Committee, you can assume that your health grant has been approved pending verification of your registration by the Ngāti Turangitukua Whakapapa Committee.


If you are concerned about your health grant application, please contact the Ngāti Turangitukua Whakapapa Committee directly:

1. Email: turangitukua.whakapapa@gmail.com 

2. Mobile: 027 256 4382




E ngā uri o Ngāti Turangitukua


For your information:

Each year Ngāti Turangitukua approves a budget to distribute Health Grants to beneficiaries on application.  If you are eligible, we can assist with supporting your costs for Optometry, Hearing or Dental care.


To be eligible for Health Grants, you must be registered as a beneficiary of Ngāti Turangitukua.  Click on the 'Members' tab to register online.  All applications for beneficiary registration are forwarded to the Ngāti Turangitukua Whakapapa Committee to confirm your eligibility with the information you provide in your registration application.


Refer to our 'Grants' page for details.


Ngā mihi,

Ngāti Tūrangitukua Charitable Trust


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