Pihanga Hirangi Tongariro


E ngā uri o Ngāti Turangitukua - the Health Grants have been fully allocated for this financial year.  We will update this page after the 2017 AGM in the later quarter of this year to advise when health grants will be open for distribution anō.


For your information:

Each year Ngāti Turangitukua approves a budget to distribute Health Grants to beneficiaries on application.  If you are eligible, we can assist with supporting your costs for Optometry, Hearing or Dental care.


To be eligible for Health Grants, you must be registered as a beneficiary of Ngāti Turangitukua.  Click on the 'Members' tab to register online.  All applications for beneficiary registration are forwarded to the Ngāti Turangitukua Whakapapa Committee to confirm your eligibility with the information you provide in your registration application.


 *This page will be updated following the 2017 AGM in the last quarter of this year.