Ngati Tūrangitukua Whānau registration


Ka hui tātou ki te pukai matakirikiri o Tūrangitukua"

We are making changes to Ngati Tūrangitukua Charitable
Trust Database

Q: What database is this?
A: The Ngati Turangitukua Charitable Trust Beneficiary database.

Q: What changes are being made and why?
A: There are technical issues which have caused data to become corrupted. A new future proof and secure programme has been purchased which means all beneficiaries are now being asked to complete the registration forms available on the Ngati Turangitukua Charitable Trust website, or by contacting Kath Smallman on 027 256 4382 or by emailing  The process of emailing forms to beneficiaries for whom addresses are known has begun and some forms are also being delivered to some who live in the Turangi area.


Q: What happens if I don’t re-register?
A: If beneficiaries do not re-register they may not be eligible to receive grants from the Ngati Turangitukua Charitable Trust. However, if a person applies for a grant and they do not appear on the new database a form to re-register will be forwarded to them to complete. This will mean a delay in approving payment of a grant.


Q: Are there any special things I MUST DO before I return my forms?
A: It is most important that you read each section and complete it in full.
We need to record who your siblings are, who your children are, where you live, etc.
We need to record who your parents, grand parents and great great grandparents
We need to record most especially how you whakapapa to Turangitukua.


Q: Why do I need to record my whakapapa?
A: It is accepted your whakapapa is your personal taonga. The provision of your whakapapa is required only to prove your entitlement to be placed on the Ngati Turangitukua Charitable Trust Beneficiaries Register and that you are eligible to receive grants.

Q: How will I know you have received my forms?
A: Once we receive your forms we will check they are fully completed and you are entitled to be registered. We will then let you know we have received your forms. Your personal details will then be entered into the database, and your new permanent registration number will be generated and sent to you.