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 Ko wai mātou

Our Goal, Vision & Commitment

The Ngāti Tūrangitukua Charitable Trust is the post settlement entity that is responsible for managing the assets that Ngāti Tūrangitukua received under wai 84 the Tūrangi Township settlement.

On 26 September 1998, the Crown signed a Deed of Settlement with the Ngāti Tūrangitukua hapu of Ngāti Tūwharetoa. The Ngāti Tūrangitukua Claims Settlement Act 1999 gives effect to this settlement. The settlement covers claims made by Ngati Turangitukua arising from the creation of the Tūrangi township, in the central North Island, in the 1960s and the development of the Tongariro power scheme. It aims to restore the Mana of Ngāti Tūrangitukua and the honour of the Crown by settling this historic, but recent, grievance.

The settlement includes an apology by the Crown for its wrongdoings and a redress package of cash, land and administrative arrangements. Most of the settlement affects the Tūrangi township. The apology from the Crown is a very significant element of the settlement and clears the way for Ngāti Tūrangitukua and the Crown to form an honourable relationship. The value of the settlement does not directly compensate for the losses suffered by Ngāti Tūrangitukua but provides a platform for the hapū to build on.


Arrangements to improve the Ngāti Tūrangitukua relationship with local authorities form part of the settlement. Ngāti Tūrangitukua received title to ten reserves managed by the Taupo District Council. Although there is no change to the management or public use of the reserves, one of the key roles of the Trust is to maintain the Deed of Settlement.

The Ngāti Tūrangitukua Charitable Trust was established to manage the assets on behalf of the hapū.

The Settlement of the Claim has allowed Ngāti Tūrangitukua to work towards a brighter, collective future. However the pain of the past will not be forgotten and it is important that our tamariki learn of the mistakes that were made so as not to allow them to be repeated. The claim itself and the journey towards settlement could not have been made without the tireless work of the hapū, its negotiating team and particularly the work of the late Mahlon Kaira Nepia. Mahlon worked for many years to ensure that the grievances of Ngāti Tūrangitukua were heard and acknowledged and his contribution to our hapū will never be forgotten. He is often thought of by us all and sadly missed. His leadership, his humour and his hard working ethic allowed us to remember our past and to move towards a better understanding of who we are as Ngāti Tūrangitukua and who we want to become.

Toi tū te whenua, Whatu ngarongaro te tangata

Our Mission

Nā te mahi tahi tātou e auaha ai te Taurikura mō Ngāti Tūrangitukua

Ko te mana o te wai

Our Vision

Tūrangitukua standing tall within the Kawa and Tikanga of Pihanga

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